First foundation buy + Panda Hero costest + other ramblings (photo heavy!)

Today I decided I should try getting liquid foundation for cosplays/everyday. 

I’ve always used BB creams – mainly Skin79, Skinfood & the FaceShop, though I found that with these (even though they’re really nice and smooth on the skin, they oxidise and within 15 minutes I end up looking a couple shades darker. Is this normal? ;A;?! I think I’m just a noob with makeup.

So! I dropped by Priceline after work and picked up Rimmel Match Perfection in Fair Ivory.


The consistency is pretty smooth and kinda watery. On the skin it feels really thin (maybe I wasn’t applying it properly???? I had to put on 2 layers with my brush)


HA HA ew my face. 

Oh! I’m wearing Venus Eye lenses in turquoise cause I had no green lenses on me orz;

Left photo shows my face with only moisturiser and lenses. 

Right photo shows my face with 2 layers of foundation lmao eeek woops..my face is so pale compared to my neck such a noob ughhhhhh

>>>>>> Panda Hero costest makeup run start! >>>>>>


I used gel eyeliner- Intentional panda eye makeup is so hard LOL

Drew on double eyelid crease ….second thought I think it’d look better without it..next time!


covered eyebrows with glue (couldn’t find my concealer so just went ahead and did a dodgy job so had to ps it a bit |||orz

Remembered I need to draw on my nose later on;;

and Done!


Wig was a mii-chan (utaite) one but I hacked off the fringe for this cos! I bought it for PH cos   in the first place haha

Put on this panda faux fur hoodie, goggles and my parka and bam!

Excuse my dumb selfies taken with my iPhone =A=;



Before I forget! I had dessert on Friday at Hana Hana with a friend! 

We both ordered chocolate parfaits and hot chocolate since it was so cold out!


Bad photo but was SO GOOD! I think it’s really good for $5.80! It had chocolate icecream, whipped cream, cornflakes, choc chips and chocolate custard pudding OMFG so good ❤

Hot chocolate was on the bitter side so I didn’t enjoy the taste too much but was so warm!

In the end I felt like throwing up from all the chocolate and sweeeetness in my stomach ughhhhggr + went crazy on the swings at Darling Harbour HAHAWHYYYYY.


This concludes my dumb selfie-filled post + ramblings for today!

Hope everyone stays warm and well!



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