Viva la VIVID! ( photo heavy ! )

Long time no post!

I’ve been away for 2 weeks due to procrastinating/going through allnighter-for-a-week hell for uni assignments!

Now that winter break has started so I’ll be blogging more (or attempt to;;) So! Today marks the first day of winter break so me and my friend Kat went down to check out the Vivid Light Festival- It was my first time and I really enjoyed it!

We first met up at 2pm, headed to Ramen Kan for lunch after wandering around Paddy’s Markets in attempt to solve some cosplay-related dilemmas.

I ordered Omu-Rice on a sizzling hot plate! THE PORTION IS SO HUGE OHMYGOSH NO JOKE!

It was $11.90 and it was definitely worth it~ It also came with a salad side dish like most of their dishes on the menu.

Here is the gigantic-abomination Omu-Rice! Image /droolssssss The omelette that is wrapped around the fried rice is actually really fluffy! There were also generous chunks of chicken too! BONUS POINTS!

The only bone I have to pick is.. I’m not quite sure but the bottom part of the omu-rice/omelette had a… metallic taste to it. just the very bottom of it. I have a feeling its caused by the hot-plate?or maybe i was sucking on my spoon too much idk

My friend Kat got the Karaage-Cheese Curry Rice! I forgot to ask how much hers was but pretty much the average price for their menu is around $11-$13 I guess!~

Everything is generously portioned so it’s a great deal~


sorry for my crap photography skills

Moving on! We spent 1 hr of karaoke at Big Echo just to kill some time/de-stress hard core!  By the time we finished it was around 6:30pm!

Regret that we should have stayed at karaoke more… our friends we were supposed to meet up with arrived an hour later/Vivid was bustlin’ hard with people!!

We eventually met up and embarked on our Vivid experience!

Let’s go! —————————————–>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

(excuse my crap photography skills- I still do not know how to work my camera properly orz)

First attraction we went to was the .. Light Arch (I’m sorry I’m just giving these attractions some tacky names because I was dumb not to take not of the installation sign posts..) Image[what I was capable of taking in a sea of people at my height SOB]


♪♪I’M BLUE DA BA DEE DA BA DIEEE~♪♪ /smacked

lots of bokeh goodness!


These flowerbells react to people clapping where they light up and rattle ! I was wondering why people were crowded around these and clapping randomly.. haha






This one was a installation based off bones i think. (correct me if I’m wrong!) As people played the bongo drums which were connected to this the lights would change accordingly to the beats!Image


Me not being happy with the immense crowdImageImage


Really pretty piano installation! All the kids flocked to this!

I really wanted to play A Thousand Miles on it (LOL) but, there were just too many people so I left feeling content with being able to take photos at least.


(I’m not a creepy person okay, I just so happened to snap this photo;;)


My friend’s arpakasso held up high amongst optic fibre pot plants! It gained so much attention straightaway- random people started asking if they could take a photo with it too! popular arpaka-san!

This photo represents how it feels to be small and lose your friends in the crowd constantly at Vivid.

ImageCool rods!


Old school light bulb made from strobes!

Unfortunately this was all we could encounter! We finished our mini-trek around 9:30pm.

It was a really great experience and I look forward to next years.

I will hopefully remember to take note of each installation name rather than to rename them with tacky names on this blog! Haha

Hope you enjoyed looking at my horrible attempts at photography; I aim to improve them hopefully.

Well, that is all from me tonight!


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