[ Neo Glamour Brown & Beaucon Shimmer Grey Review! ]

Longggg time no post!

I recently came back from my trip to Japan with friends and I am well settled into uni life again. (not really I’m so behind orz)

Anyway, so one of the things I really wanted were some ‘everyday’ wear lenses– because I only have lenses which are vibrant as heck for the sole purpose of cosplay ahah. Don’t want to freak out people on the streets and get bad vibes – which is why I’ve chosen these two lenses as they have had some pretty good reviews on Honeycolor.com

Unfortunately I broke my kit lens for my NX210 in Korea so uhh… had no choice but to resort to using my phone camera. So I apologise for some crappy photos. These photos were kinda rushed because I came straight from my part time to try them! I’ll try  to take some photos again in the morning/afternoon to show what they look like in daylight.

So first up! Neo Glamour Brown lenses!

These are 14.2mm in diameter and are yearly disposable lenses.


Next is the Beaucon Shimmer in grey!

The diameter for these are 14mm.


Side by side comparison in their cases:

Image(grey on the top) – (brown on the bottom)


(This is me with the Grey Shimmer indoors!  No flash, Indoors with lighting)

Glamour Brown:


Indoors with sunlight


Outdoors with sunlight


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