Summer (part-time) break! + makeup haul from Sasa.com

Long time no post after harshly abandoning this blog for uni/outings/work ;m;

It’s halfway through summer break but I haven’t had much time to hang with friends. i’m mostly at work so…..sighs not even $$$$$$$$ can make me happy tho..


with the hard-earned money I bought some makeup from Sasa!

It said something about getting free shipping if you order at least $100 …(so i did………….;;;;)

But really I’ve been in need of a really good eyelash curler. Always have I been just buying shitty ones- where they crimp the lashes for an hour or so and then completely die flat even with mascara. sucks

So I saw some pretty good reviews about Shiseido eyelash curler, like;

★it fits oriental eyes nicely

★actually keeps the curl for hours



So I did a comparison thing with a daiso eyelash curler (that I bought for a shoot I did the other week simply cause I had no curler.. ) with the shiseido curler and see if it’s pretty good as people say.

unfortunately I couldn’t really record how shit I curl my lashes.. but I’ll just say it honestly? I dn’t get anything out of saying lies anyway.

I have to say to get a decent curl I had to crimp the beezy out of the daiso curler.. while for the shiseido it took a lot less effort.

Next I got the Fairy Drops Volume Burst mascara. jeesus look at how big the packaging is compared to the product LOL japan is this really necessary..????

I have to admit it is pretty tho but… ugh the mascara bottle is pretty enough to get attention?

Image“Fairy Drops brush” Created by a TV caster Look like a Brilliant Sexy Hollywood Star!!”


that aside the brush really does get applied on the lashes in one go. woah.


Next up to try is the CC Cream from Skin Food


and the design on the package is so cute ahhhh… brownie points to the designer!




….sorry for a shit photo but it’s kinda more on the subtle side?? I’m going to have to try another go at reviewing the CC cream in the day with better lighting!


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