Ulzzang Impromptu Shoot with いじー (+Photo Heavy+)

Long time no post!

Lately I’ve been catching up with my kouhai friend いじー (Izzy) regularly! B.A.P concert..karaoke-ing..eating..fangirling over things.. -which lead to an impromptu shoot we had today! I’m not quite sure about Izzy, but I’ve always wanted to sit at a cafe and take photos like ulzzangs do! Sure I selfie alot at home with different wigs/makeup styles but  actually sitting at a cafe and posing and snapping each other with cameras is quite.. …..the experience.

We started off emptying out our whole wardrobes fussing over what kind of things ulzzangs would wear.. (I ended up having a bad sleep the night before stressing over whether I’d be able to find something decent to wear) haha!

We entered this lovely cafe in Eastwood called Pishon. It has a nice cozy veranda at the front with nice glass windows and wooden tables/chairs. There were only two tables –the window table was occupied so we were left with sitting at the table right in front of the door that goes into the cafe. Food was ordered and was brought to our table!


(Izzy’s Choux Creme and my chocolate mousse)

Izzy ordered a choux creme and hot chocolate to drink and I ordered a chocolate mousse with an Iced Green Tea Latte!

On the side I also grabbed a bear cookie- IT’S SO CUTE!! Image

(My bear cookie with chocolate mousse)


Onto photosnapping! Ugh..as I said, shooting with loud snapping cameras + dolling up at a cafe was a new experience and was kiiinda attention drawing. I mean, it’s a cafe run by Koreans- THE WHOLE SIDE OF EASTWOOD THAT WE WERE ON IS PRETTY MUCH KOREATOWN– Us Koreans are very ‘image’-centred so you would think photo snapping at a cafe isn’t anything new to stare at. understand us young’uns in our youth dolling up and preserving the moment through selfies photos.

In the end we had countless by-passers (since we’re sitting on a balcony that’s closest to the street) turn around and stare at us awkwardly (we’re not joking, we locked eye contact with some parents)– some people would look at us and walk into the store and stare LOL.. I guess this sort of reaction isn’t something we’re not familiar with.. since we cosplay and all…just.. two girls sitting at a cafe with cameras doesn’t seem too..out of the ordinary? /end of little rant about vain-ing in public/

We took turns taking photos of each other on each other’s cameras.

I wasn’t able to take many photos of Izzy with my camera because I don’t have much confidence in photography;; I took more with her camera because it’s so nice!!! I’m not too sure if I managed to take flattering photos/well-composed photos of her…(But here are some I took of her with my camera! PS. SHE LOOKS LIKE TAKERU FROM SUG AT TIMES AHHHHHH)


Photo 20-05-2014 5 08 01 pm


(Hoping I can get more off her camera later on!)

I’m loving all of the photos Izzy took of me! She understands what angles my  chin face looks shorter and ‘cuter’?? I’m going to steal her for myself to be my ulzzang photog (ლ ^ิ౪^ิ)ლ..



We eventually left the cafe after spending around an hour or so and left to shoot in a longggg driveway/alleyway. I’ll leave these photos for another post! >u< Time to call it a night!

[definitely planning on more shoots like these..so till then!]



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