Beauty Net Korea makeup haul!!! ++++Picture XHeavy++++ (edited)

Long time no post!
These past couple of weeks I’ve been trying hard to save up…………….Quite frankly I was doing well until I came across LOL.

I saw many of my friends have been purchasing from this site and WOW they have a lot of stuff!
I opted for EMS since I wanted my makeup to arrive before I go to Korea on September 11…so yeah.

(my post today is going to be all over the place so I apologise before hand ww)

Moving onto the package!SAMSUNG CSC

Everything was nicely wrapped in bubble-wrap!



All the products I ordered lined up.

From left to right:

  • CLIO Brush Liner Kill Black 0.55ml $13 each (each box comes with a little bottle of Makeup Away Cleansing Oil 20ml)
  • Water Me Pls BB  by CLIO 30ml $11 
  • Gelpresso Waterproof Pencil Gel Liner by CLIO $10
  • Baking Powder Crunch Pore Scrub by EtudeHouse $13.50 (24 sachets inside)
  • Kissful Lip Care by EtudeHouse $6
  • Love Me Forever Eau de Perfume by EtudeHouse $15 20ml
  • Peri’s Tint Crayon by Peripera $9
  • Peri’s Tint Water by Peripera $8 each 6.5ml



*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧ THESE ARE ALL SAMPLES!!!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧*:・゚✧ *:・゚✧

I recieved 3~4 of each (apart from the Aqua Mask Sheet) !

I paid around $86 for all the products (excluding shipping) so I think this is pretty good for freebies!

Tint Peripera time!

Peripera Tints!  Left: Peri's tint water #2 Pink Juice Middle: Peri's tint crayon #5 Fruity Sunny Right: Peri's tint water #5 Candy Juice
Peripera Tints!
Left: Peri’s tint water #2 Pink Juice
Middle: Peri’s tint crayon #5 Fruity Sunny
Right: Peri’s tint water #5 Candy Juice
Peri's tint crayon #5 Fruity Sunny
Peri’s tint crayon #5 Fruity Sunny


Peri's tint crayon side-by-side with Peri's marker tint for size comparison
Peri’s tint crayon side-by-side with Peri’s marker tint for size comparison


Also.. I don’t remember ordering a TonyMoly tint but it was in the box! .. I’m confused whether it was a mistake or a freebie.. (I’m just gonna believe it’s a free gift….; (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧)

EDIT: Yes it was a free gift for making a purchase over $50 haha;

Free(?) Tony Moly tony tint delight #2 Red
Free(?) Tony Moly tony tint delight #2 Red
Peri's tint water closeup
Peri’s tint water closeup



(After a couple of seconds) /sorry for inconsistent lighting;;
Lip Tint swatches


wearing tints
photo 5                      [Top Left]: #5 Candy Juice              [Top Right]: #2 Pink Juice                                                                     [Bottom Left]: Tony Tint #2 Red           [Bottom Right]: Peri’s Tint Crayon #5 Fruity Sunny

EDIT: Okay so I have to say, the peripera tint water does not last for long- which is really unfortunate since the colors are really nice.

So, I wake up at 6:30, put on makeup and head out for school and buy the time it’s 10am, the tint’s completely disappeared even though I did not eat/drink anything?? boo…. but I guess that just means for regular applications..

 Moving onto CLIO products!


Front & back of the packaging
Front & back of the packaging

According to the package, there is shea butter in the bb cream so I am excited to try it out! I have combination skin but I think Water Me Pls will be good for those with dry skin !

Doesn’t have a strong perfume-y smell which is good. Also spreads nicely on the skin!


(excuse my ugry face)

Decent coverage, whitening and smooth spreading BB with 30 SPF! At this point I’m not quite sure of its lasting properties.. I’ll have to see after wearing it to work!

I bought one of these Gelpresso Eyeliners on my trip to Malaysia a while back in the color #15 Bloody Devil which is a really nice wine shade.

To complete the look Dara had ,I really wanted #14 Bloody Angel! 

It’s such a gorgeous color I LOVE IT! With one stroke, it’s like a nice burgandy shade, and with these gelpresso liners you can smudge when it’s not dry to create a eyeshadow look! When it’s smudged it has a really nice pink-coral hue!!

#15 Bloody Devil vs. #14 Bloody Angel ah…. my life is complete



Next up.. Clio Brush Liner Kill Black!


Front and back


Brush tip!

Now, I wanted to test the Kill Black against the current eyeliner I’m using at the moment which is Kiss Me Herione Make.


It’s wierd because after I tested this on my wrist with a cotton pad soaked with water and saw the results, I lined my eyes with the Kill Black and tried wiping it off with makeup remover wipes and IT WOULD NOT BUDGE. I literally scrubbed it off almost! Maybe I had alot of dead skin on my wrist LOL!! tmi tmi…t..m…i….. But YAY now I can cry, sweat and jump into water!

Each Kill Black eyeliner came with a free cleansing oil!
Each Kill Black eyeliner came with a free cleansing oil!


Etude House Stuff! Left: Love Me Forever Eau de Perfume                                Middle: Kissful Lip Care Scrub               Right: Baking Powder Pore Crunch
Etude House Stuff!
[Left]: Love Me Forever Eau de Perfume [Middle]: Kissful Lip Care Scrub [Right]: Baking Powder Pore Crunch

This looked really interesting and caught my eye! Baking powder seems like it would really work on the pores.. Will try it out later tonight! Directions say each sachet is to be used twice a week. There are 24 sachets in the box so..  I can use these for up to 12 weeks! I’ll be taking photos of what the stuff inside actually looks like! I wonder if it’s actual powder or liquid??


Heck I bought this because I don’t have many girly perfumes..and also for the sake of being an Etude House fan haha! It’s so cute… ! I’m probably just going to leave it on my dresser table for display… =w=;

I sprayed a bit on my wrist and the scent..hmm it’s quite mild! I thought it would be a very strong floral one but it’s not… It literally smells like.. a crushed flower? It has some peculiar grassy scent to it …. I have mixed opinions about this.. A part of me is glad it’s not a obnoxious fake scent but at the same time it seems too mild and smells like grass (or nature..?????)

If I do get the chance I’ll try out another one I actually wanted from the same line Bite Me. It’s a citrus one and I’m a sucker for citrus fresh scents! (Is it just me or do the names for these perfumes sound really..violent..)

(Taken from Beauty Net Korea website)

Anyways, I’ll be stopping here for now I can feel my laptop overheating!  In my next post I’ll be focusing on the Baking Powder Pore Crunch!



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