Life in Korea Update + Aritaum haul

Hello! It’s been a while ( ✿ •̀ ‸ •́ ✿ )

As I mentioned in my last post around late August I would be spending some time here in Korea re-learning the language while making new friends.

At first I asked myself “Is it really necessary to come all the way here to learn the language?” but then I realised I have never properly experienced the everyday life here.

So here I am, sitting cross legged on the heated floor with my laptop on a low table..I feel so Korean but I feel this is going to create back problems later on. (Parents are reluctant to buy proper furniture because I’m not too sure whether I will stay here for a long time or not…)

I have to say I miss Australia. My life over in Sydney was so laid-back and comfortable and it’s times like this I think of how clean, spacious and green it is there.

Hm.. I can’t dwell on the negative aspects of Korea too much, because there’s so much I feel that needs to be fixed here, but Korea is still a really lovely place. I have to say the kind of life in korea I saw through k-dramas/music videos is a bit of a stretch, now that I’m experiencing it personally haha.

I leave the good/bad aspects of everyday life here in Korea for another post…that’s if people want to really know my picky attitude.

Moving on!

A few weeks back Aritaum had a 1 + 1 event for their Shine Fix Eyes line (which I sadly missed out on) but nevertheless, bought a few after hearing some nice reviews.

Shine Fix Eyes is an eyeshadow pot with LOTS of glitter. Each pot has a little stopper lid to prevent the powder from going everywhere.


Aritaum “Shine Fix Eyes”  ₩8,000 (roughly $8) for a pot of 3.5 grams




Time for swatches!

swatch less shiny

I don’t think I was supposed to get #19 Secret Party, because I remember liking/asking for a different one.

#19 is a warm bronze tone and #20 a bruised color (LOL) which probably hints at why it’s called Love Bite..ヽ( ͝° ͜ʖ͡°)ノ



This is the swatches after being blended out with NO primer. The glitter in #19 and #20 are practically gone oh man…  #6 is totally fine and isn’t so much of a frightening crimson color once blended out- so pink! I’m not sure whether eye primer would help the glitter stay on…I’ll have to see!

#2, I feel should be used on the under eye (aegyo sal)/eye corner area with less intense/no blending! It looks like nothing after being blended out!…;__;


etude house look at my eyes

Etude House Look At My Eyes (BR410) “Hippie Chic Pink”

I bought this a couple of weeks before I bought the eyeshadow pots from Aritaum.. The color is pretty nice for a bohemian look!

etude house look at my eyes 2



Okay, so.. excuse the gross pores on my forehead and such.. I just tested them out on one eye without even thinking properly;; I just slapped on the stuff/not properly blending… ugh long day at school.. please forgive me!

eye makeup 1

Here I used a VERY VERY VERY small amount of #6 Love Disco + Etude House Hippie Chic Pink  all over the lid + outer corner and #19 Secret Party on the inner area. #2 Pink Oyster on the inner corners/fake aegyo sal and centre of my lids

eye makeup down


I feel like such a newbie when it comes to applying eyeshadow. I have really fatty eyelids that eat up all the eyeshadow so I’m really reluctant in doing so..  ᕕ༼ •́ Д •̀ ༽ᕗ Need to learn how to work around this!


Ah.. I’ll leave it here for tonight! Hope everyone has a lovely day!



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