All That Sweets Cafe – cute bears and friends 


I have been quite busy these days -day in day out working at a cafe so I haven’t really had the chance to find some content to blog about.

I’m currently sprawled out in bed half feverish and half sniffling.. praying this flu with disappear soon!

Yesterday I finally had the chance to check out a 개인카페 (independent/privately owned cafe???) I’ve been eyeing on instagram for weeks! It’s a small cafe filled with adorable animal decorated cakes and cookies/macarons — all hand made!!

ALL that SWEETS (@all_that_sweets)

We enter and —


I couldn’t help but scream a little from the cuteness.

We got there around 5pm so there weren’t many left!

These super cute strawberry flavored meringue are shaped like cherry blossoms!

The cakes always have a bear but each day the design slightly changes! Today it had a little chipmunk on its head!

One cake slice was around ₩6,500 which is around… $7 ausd? I think it’s reasonably priced considering the materials and the huge effort put into making them!

I ordered 2 slices of the bear cake (sponge layered cake with cream and peaches), an iced caramel latte and iced vanilla latte for my friend and I.

Surprisingly drinks were actually quite cheap! The caramel latte and vanilla were both ₩3,500 each so around.. $4aud each.

My friend got his hands on a cute chipmunk cookie(₩3,000) and I got a baby chick macaron (₩3,200)!

The fillings of the macarons varied depending on the design-

heart is mocha milk

water droplet is tahiti vanilla

bear is vanilla latte

and the duckling is chocolate milk

Our order came!!! The tableware is super cute too.

A closeup of my friend’s order.

I honestly felt like I was in a gingerbreadhouse because everything (nearly) on display was edible..

Look at those cute madeleines!


I also follow this lovely artist from Korea on instagram @jeon_polong and it was her who introduced this place to me(and her followers).

@jeon_polong has a cafe too where she does caricatures  with her oil pastels every sunday for ₩20,000 i think? –Which I plan on getting one from her sometime!



After eating, we went on a walk around Seoul. I snapped some photos!

I don’t drink but I think it’s quite interesting haha

I hope you enjoyed this post and please check out both @jeon_polong and @all_that_sweets on instagram!

Now I’m off to lie down haha;; I’m sorry if this post is rushed!


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