Mori-girl inspired shoot

Going back to last friday, I had another fashion(?) shoot with Izzy! Venturing into the wild after a moment of rain.. we started to take some photos inspired by the sub-fashion Mori-girl (森ガール) which stems from dolly-kei… 

80% of my wardrobe is black so putting together an outfit for this shoot was horrible. Literally the morning of the shoot I was emptying my drawers to search for whites/beiges, lacey/frilly/knitted stuff! Out of the wigs I have in a box, I had no choice but to go with a really crap wig I bought from ebay a while back. /shudders


Her new prime lens is so amazing *q*! Motivates me to buy more lenses HAHA

Then it was my turn to take photos of her 2 outfits!


she rocks androgynous fashion so well ugh forever envy ;A:

Possibly adding more photos of her onto this post later on (once I get my hands on some photos! )


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